"For the seekers of the truth. For the lovers of thrills and mystery. The past is what makes our present and will break or save our future. Praise to John LeConte for his daring and visionary glimpse at history. If you can handle the truth this book is for you. John LeConte dares to bring skeletons out of the closet and this will chill you out for sure."
- Emmanuel Itier, Journalist, The Book of LA and Buzzine Magazine.

About the Author: John LeConte

The Priest and the Nazi is Mr. LeConte's first novel. It is borne out of a long held fascination with the evils of the Third Reich and what it says about human capabilities. He was born in January of 1945, just as the war was about to end and grew up in Los Angeles. During his youth the world was being introduced to mass media and there was much post-war propaganda by the victors about this time. He saw all the movies, read all the books about this cataclysmic event and began to wonder why and how did this come about. His interest was deeper than just pure history. He was interested in why human beings could be so cruel and intolerant to others and how they could go to such horrific lengths in their actions.

John LeConte has a family legacy that is rooted in education and science. His great grandfather was Joseph LeConte, a teacher and scientist who was one of the original founders of the University of California at Berkeley as well as one of the founders of the Sierra Club along with the naturalist, John Muir. His grandfather, also Joseph LeConte became the second president of the Sierra Club upon the death of Muir.

John LeConte has spent his working career as a CPA working in the entertainment industry but deep down where he lived, he always thought about these matters and in the context of that time and his. Now, as the third act of his life has begun, has started to write and more stories are to come. He is currently working on a project about the prospect of civil war in America during this century.

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