"I never would have believed that I would have been hooked by such a thriller, I couldn't put it down. Mingling domination in its various forms: politics, religion, sex, coercion and violence, with acts of courage, submission and loss of innocence, it will definitely inspire intrigue and debate to all who read it. This story held me captive to the very last sentence. Mr. LeConte, I am your fan!"
-Mimi Gramatky, Production Designer, Hollywood, CA.

About the Book: The Priest and the Nazi
A novel by John LeConte

The soul of good and evil explored in two characters: a Nazi SS officer fleeing Germany right after the end of the war and a Catholic priest he encounters.

The Nazi: a perpetrator of the holocaust; one who pulled the trigger and opened the valves. Now a fugitive trying to escape to South America, he needs the aid of the church in doing so. The priest: a good man who believes the teachings of the church, trapped in his little parish, yearning for privileges and indulgences he's fancied for years.

They strike a bargain.

The priest's edge: The Church and the righteousness of God. The Nazi's edge: His will. The priest and the Vatican will do as he asks provided the Nazi confess fully and sincerely, all of his monstrous sins.

In a test of wills they find themselves on equal footing: both fallible human beings. But are the sins they each commit for themselves or for the institutions they serve?
Their paths cross, one toward corruption, the other toward forgiveness. The story follows their journeys to their different fates.

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